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List of Questions to ask your Estate Planning Attorney?

by Mark

The foremost task of estate planning is to consider all the financial matters related to your estate.  You need to plan for everything that might occur while you are alive and also plan for the future after your death.

Managing your asset efficiency is a very vital task!

Any professional lawyer can help you draw a simple will. An estate planning attorney can help you navigate complicated situations involving multiple heirs or trust funds. 

There are a variety of concerns related to estate planning. But where should you get started? And how to choose the right estate planning attorney for you? 

Well, for starters, you can ask the following questions to root out the right attorney for you.

How long have you been practicing? 

Try to find an attorney with more experience. Try to find someone who has witnessed the legal bindings in action after their client’s death. 

An attorney who has faced the court or IRS will have better chances of handling any case. 

  • Do you primarily focus on estate planning?

You should only consider proceeding with the attorney only if their answer is “yes”. An attorney who specializes in estate planning will be a better choice for planning complex documentation related to the future of your inheritance. 

  • Are periodical reviews conducted? 

If asked, estate planning attorneys review your estate and affairs half-yearly or annually. It can help you make any needed changes in your will from time to time.  

  • Can you create a detailed estimate plan that includes a will, trust funds, and insurance plans? 

Try to look for an attorney experienced in handling multiple types of wills, trust funds, insurance plans, and complex estate plans. The more knowledge they have about all the different areas, the better attorney they will be for you. 

  • What other issues should I be concerned about? 

As people age, they might suffer from physical and mental issues. An estate planning attorney should advise their clients to be financially prepared for such possibilities. They must encourage the client to draw up a power of attorney, living wills, and health care directives.

  • What are your charges? 

Some estate planning attorneys charge a flat fee and others charge hourly. Some attorneys use both ways. They have fixed rates for standard services and charge hourly rates for research tasks or other activities. It is better to know about the compensation model of the attorney to avoid any future surprises. 

  • Will I be able to review the estate plans before they are made official? 

Even if you are working with an experienced attorney, it is very necessary to review all the documents related to your estate planning. This will help to avoid any possible miscommunication. It also lets you make any needed changes. 


Even after getting the answers to the above questions, you should trust your instincts to choose the right estate planning attorney for you. Estate planning is a very complex legal process. It might involve many emotional sentiments as well. So it is needed to have a capable estate planning attorney by your side who can handle it all. 

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