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Roles Of A DUI Lawyer You Must Know About

by Mark

It is stated to be a criminal offense if somebody is driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. DUI stands for driving under the influence, and DWI stands for driving when drunk. When the alcohol percentage in someone’s blood reaches the legally permissible level of around 0.05 to 0.08 percent, that individual can be convicted. A DUI lawyer is specialized in handling both DUI and DWI cases. They represent the individuals who get charged with a DUI or DWI. 

The DUI lawyers in Phoenix are skilled and responsible enough to get their clients a favorable judgment as quickly as possible.

Roles Of A DUI Lawyer

The DUI lawyers are the ones who represent someone when they get charged with a DUI or DWI. It may take quite some time in court for these types of cases. These cases generally include several hearings, with the final hearing being at the State Court or County Court. 

The DUI lawyer’s chief role is to elaborate on the charges that his/her client has been facing, recommend them the strategy, and represent them during their court sessions. The lawyer here also handles the administrative work that is associated with the case. A trained DUI lawyer will try to get all the charges against the client dropped or lessened. During the pre-trial phase of a case, it is the work of the lawyer to try and negotiate with the judge. 

DUI lawyers can also suggest to their clients to enter a sentence bargain or a plea bargain. They can file a motion that can overthrow the client’s statements if the client gets arrested. DUI lawyers can also schedule an evidentiary hearing to unveil some evidence that the prosecution might have been withholding. This eventually can help the case of his client. 

When the trial takes place, it is the work of the DUI lawyer to assist in selecting the jury. He should also gather investigators, witnesses, and pieces of evidence that are in the client’s favor. He can also try to expose any discrepancies found in the charges filed against the client.

Good communication skills are also necessary for a DUI lawyer to have. This will help him negotiate with the prosecution and notify his or her clients about their options and rights. He should also be able to handle and sort out the evidentiary details in an organized manner. Not just that, he should also have excellent critical thinking skills that will help him to look for the best possible option on behalf of his client.

Some Responsibilities Of A DUI Lawyer

  1. He should be responsible enough to look for evidence that will help his client, should also help his client understand the law, and look for other legal options which they can use.
  2. They prepare and draft the legal documents that they need during the court sessions. They also must negotiate with the judge for the punishments of the client and the plea deal.
  3. They try to resolve the case as quickly as possible and in favor of their client. 
  4. They should also take proper note of the deadlines and the paperwork that is required during the trials.


Experienced like DUI lawyers in Phoenix are very skilled and responsible with their work. They have excellent communication skills. They are also very organized with their drafts and paperwork that they need during the court sessions. They also try to solve their cases within a predefined time frame.


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