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Signs You’re Underpaid At Work and What You Can Do About It?

by Mark

You may often wonder if you are paid fairly or not. It is perfectly natural for someone to feel if he’s underpaid. So to confirm your suspicions, you should look for sure signs. Once you see such symptoms, you can act accordingly or contact a workers comp attorney to ensure the proper salary. In this article, we will talk about such signs based upon which you can find out if you’re underpaid or not. 

Signs That You’re Underpaid

  • Comparatively Low Salary As Per The Average Salary Data

It is quite possible to find that your salary may be low compared with the average salary data. This comparison is one of the main signs that show you’re underpaid at work. There are several trusted websites like Payscale and Glassdoor. Generally, the salary depends on many factors such as experience, geographical location, qualifications, certifications, etc. These websites provide you with your estimated wage and the average general salary while considering all the factors.

  • Comparing With The Salary Of Your Colleagues

You may often find that your colleagues with similar skills and experience earn more than you. This is another vital sign that shows you are underpaid. Once you receive the verified information, you should at once bring up the matter with your superiors.

  • Your Designation At The Company

 You may also find that the company is hiring some similar professionals for the same designation as yours with a higher salary. It is also possible that you’ll find other companies pay more for the same designation. This should be a sign of concern for you. 

  • High Turnover Rate Of The Company 

The high turnover rate of your company can prove to be a fruitful sign. Considering the frequent resignations, you can assume that they were being underpaid. This case of underpayment may be applicable in your case too. 

  • No Increment In Salary 

Even after years of service and switching of designations, your regular salary may be a sign of underpayment. This situation demands immediate action. But, first, you should start looking for jobs with better payment. 

What Can You Do?

  • Consult With A Worker Comp Attorney 

If you feel underpaid, you can contact a workers comp attorney. They will provide valuable advice to negotiate your salary. They will take care of the legal terms and ensure that you receive adequate payment. Even in any case of insurance failure or hazard at your workplace, the worker’s comp attorney will ensure that you receive the proper compensation.

  • Earn Certifications 

Earning official certifications is one of the best ways to apply for an increment. Certificates enhance your skills. They may prove to be instrumental in your promotion. So it is wise to certify if you feel that you’re underpaid before asking for a raise. 


These are the significant signs which you should look for if you ever feel underpaid at work. Consulting with a workers comp attorney, increasing your skill set, using “Know your Worth Tool” are the things you can do to confirm your suspicions. These situations always demand immediate and appropriate action.

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