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Some Risks You May Face Being a Criminal Attorney

by Mark

The legal profession is a threatening one, while the job of a criminal attorney or a criminal lawyer is also quite dangerous as they sometimes are the sole representatives of the accused. They are already judged as criminals by the public. Criminal attorneys are many times subjected to violence. They are more at risk than any other type of lawyer.

Issues And Risks Faced By Criminal Attorney

  • They have to keep their personal feelings aside, although they might have some different views and stand for the constitutional rights of a person who has committed some terrible crime. In this way, they become wrong for the ordinary people who think that the attorney is protecting a criminal.
  • The criminal attorneys get threat calls from their clients to protect them, and if in case they aren’t able to free them up, the attorneys have to face the consequences with their life. Clients should have a respectful attitude towards their lawyers, as they are the ones standing beside them when everyone is against them. The client shows any kind of violence or disrespect to anyone, works against the attorney.
  • They get hate emails and letters and many other forms of disrespect and hate from people. But they stand firm and believe in the fact, that is, representing a suspected criminal is not becoming a pro-criminal. There are numerous cases where criminal attorneys are subject to violence and get killed. The reason being that of showing bravery and standing by the accused.
  • They often think that their client is innocent as they come to know about the person during the case proceedings. This usually happens because they deal with bad people when they show their best behavior. But sometimes, the accused are innocent, as seen in many cases in the past. There are examples where a lawyer has fought a case for 15 years because he thought his client to be innocent and was able to prove it in the end.
  • They are more interested in cases where their chance of winning is significantly less. They are known for taking up issues that challenge their excellence and knowledge.
  • Public opinion matters a lot in such cases. Thus, the lawyers take note of the public before planning the further proceedings. 

Clients like Jason Cai and many others have killed their lawyers like Xia Zhao and others. The lawyers were threatened at first and then murdered. Many people have also killed criminal attorneys just due to their hatred. 


Undoubtedly, criminal attorneys have a high-risk job. However, some well-behaved clients do not create any hassle for their attorneys. Attorneys have to take a step back and take severe actions against those who are disrespectful towards them. They must also be provided with adequate safety measures while fighting controversial cases where they face public hatred or public aggression. They must be able to do their job without any kind of hindrance as they are the ones who find out the truth and fight for the innocent accused.


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