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Tips that Will Help You Win the Child Custody Case

by Mark

Nobody wants to be in a position where they have to learn how to win a child custody case. The threat of losing custody is the most difficult aspect of an imminent divorce for most parents. 

Money is one thing, and finding a divorce lawyer is another, but you can’t put a price on losing out on your child’s life. You may be asking yourself, “Who succeeds in a custody battle?” or maybe you’re debating with yourself about how to get joint legal custody of your child. There is, however, some good news: if you take the proper measures now, you will dramatically increase your chances of winning custody disputes.

  • Responsible Behaviour

Drinking, using drugs, or leaving the children unsupervised can be very harmful in a custody hearing. Child custody hearings are eventually decided based on the child’s best interests. Your spouse may obtain a benefit in your custody hearing if they can prove that you act irresponsibly around the children by drinking, using drugs, smoking, or participating in other risky behaviors.

Being beyond reproach is a constructive key to winning a child custody case. And just because you never drink in front of your kids doesn’t mean your ex won’t fabricate lies to portray you as a bad dad. That brings us to the second stage.

  • In-Home Evaluation can request.

The “he said, she said” element is one of the most difficult aspects of a child custody hearing. However, scheduling your in-home assessment is a simple and inexpensive way to expose lies and obtain an early advantage. During the assessment, a court-appointed evaluator will come to your house and determine if it is a safe place for your child to grow up.

Mature effort can be a key factor in gaining custody of your children. To some degree, scheduling your assessment puts you in control—you know what you’re getting yourself into, you won’t be surprised, and you’ll be able to plan yourself and your home for success. In addition, following a good test, if your partner makes a baseless argument in court, you now have facts beyond merely dismissing their allegations.

  • Coherence and Availability

Overall, behaving in a manner that is detrimental to your child’s best interests is the quickest way to lose custody. Therefore, consistency is one of the most important things you can do before and during a divorce. For example, suppose you keep rescheduling visitations or canceling days of custody. In that case, your spouse will portray you as an insensitive parent and use that against you to obtain full custody of your children.

  • Be ready to Relocate

Custody decisions are based on what is best for the infant, including their education and social life. If your child is doing well in one city but plans to relocate to another city, you are much more likely to lose full custody of your child, particularly during the school year. Staying put or deciding to move to a place near your children’s school will help you get a better custody decision.


A child custody lawyer can be valuable in your case, particularly if your situation is complicated or involves violence. However, if you can’t afford a lawyer and want to file your case yourself, contact your local legal aid agency for help.


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